The Poetry of Truth – Reflections on the Gospel of Luke Part 10 – MP3


29MB Downloadable MP3 audio file – length 60 minutes


Part 10 of the 13 part series recorded in 1995. This audio file was created from a 13 part CD version of an original series of 11 cassette tape recordings of Gil Bailie’s presentation on the Gospel of John in 1995. The individual cassette tapes contained up to 90 minutes of audio. However, CDs only hold up to 80 minutes of audio. This difference in the audio length of the formats resulted in the original breaks between the 12 recorded sessions sometimes occuring within a CD or MP3. The content however flows naturally and in many cases these breaks may not be noticeable.

We have worked to make the transition of these archival materials from analog to digital audio faithful to the original recordings. Mr. Bailie’s work has continued to progress and mature since these recordings were made. It is our belief that these reflections remain of value.