The Poetry of Truth – Reflections on the Gospel of Luke 13 MP3 Set


13 downloadable MP3 files – over 13 hours of audio.

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This series originally recorded in 1995 began with a presentation on Mark Twain’s posthumously published  “The United States of Lyncherdom”. It was later thought that, although a valuable piece, it would be better presented on its own and not used as an introduction to the Gospel of Luke. However, you will hear an occasional reference to this at points in these reflections. A link to the public domain Twain essay is provided above.

The presentations were originally recorded on audio cassette tapes. These have been remastered and edited to make them available in the digital audio formats of CD and MP3. Because the length of the tapes was often longer than can be made to fit on a CD (and the MP3 files are duplicates of the CDs) the breaks between some of the presentations occur in the middle of a CD/MP3

The author of the Gospel of Luke and the Acts of the Apostles, St. Luke, is traditionally known as a sophisticated non-Jew Hellenist and perhaps a physician. He was an early convert to the Christian faith, most likely through the preaching of St. Paul.  But, as Gil Bailie points out in this presentation, Luke is above all a gifted teller of tales – or rather a re-teller of tales.  The stories in Luke’s gospel are vivid and distinctive among the synoptic gospels.

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