Julius Caesar Part 4 – MP3


Recorded in Sonoma, California – May 12, 1990. This is a 29MB audio file approximately 60 minutes in length.


Gil Bailie examines William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar through the lens of René Girard. Shakespeare’s play looks at the volatile transition from republican Rome to Imperial Rome. The unsuccessful attempt to sacralize the murder of Caesar by the conspirators leads to an escalating chaos. The conflict swirling around Brutus and Cassius with the conspirators on the one hand and Antony and Octavius on the other depicts aspects of the mimetic crisis violence provokes. Shakespeare created a masterful display of mimetic doubling and conflictual undifferentiation in Acts 4 & 5 showing Brutus and Cassius side by side with Antony and Octavius.

Listen to an excerpt: