The Emmaus Road Initiative

Beginning in 2005 and continuing through 2009 Gil Bailie traveled around the country giving a series of monthly presentations and follow-up discussions for religious educators, pastors, parents, and all those committed to fostering faith and bringing it to maturity. This series of eight monthly talks (from September to May) was called The Emmaus Road Initiative.

CD Recordings and downloadable MP3 audio files of these presentations are available on our web store. We also are making them available here on our website below and as podcasts.

While the traveling road show of the Emmaus Road Initiative ended in 2009 we continue to pursue new initiatives to bring our work to the world. The latest of these projects (and an outgrowth of the Emmaus Road series) is “God’s Gamble: The Gravitational Power of Crucified Love” published by  Angelico Press and available from Amazon.