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According to then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, now Pope emeritus Benedict XVI, the coincidence of theology and anthropology constitutes “the truly most exciting part of Christian faith.”

The Cornerstone Forum is a product of that excitement and an effort to communicate it to others. To learn more about Gil Bailie and the Cornerstone Forum you are invited to read a short biographical sketch HERE.

While our theological home is Catholic, our anthropological perspective comes largely from the work of René Girard. Read More


On this site you will find  links to free  streaming audio and video players as well as audio materials in CD and MP3 format for purchase from our store. Below are links to other items such as:

  • This iteration of the Cornerstone Forum’s web presence was inaugurated in June of 2015. However we maintained another weblog, Reflections on Faith & Culture, from August 2006 until March 2015 that remains accessible and has almost nine years of posts, many with short audio and video players including materials excerpted from items available in our online store. We believe the older weblog still makes for interesting and worthwhile browsing at www.gil-bailie.com

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