The Frankfort School and Critical Theory . . .

Max Horkheimer was a German philosopher and sociologist and leader of the famous Frankfort School where Critical Theory was born. Since the West is now awash in the residue of that toxic brew, we are indebted to Bradley A. Thayer for providing a quick sketch of its impact on the matter at hand:
“Horkheimer…wanted to discover why [the proletariat in the West] were not behaving as Marxist thought required. The answer was the bourgeois family.…In particular, the role of the father and his authority needed to be undermined. This was necessary because of the indispensable education for authority that occurred in the patriarchal family. The family, as the “germ cell” of bourgeois culture, had to be undermined, destroyed, and reconstituted.…Accordingly, the family and civil society must be targeted, weakened, and transformed into a progressive force or else their traditional roles must be eliminated.”
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