Keeping Faith & Breaking Ground Episode 17: The Advent of History & The History of Advent

Great expectations

In this 1997 presentation Gil Bailie provides a guided tour of the history of history. History actually has a history. It was not always the case that humans lived in history. That is what lies behind the idea of ‘pre-historic’ human experience which was purely cyclical and mythic in nature. With the advent of the biblical God’s call to Abram to come out of his ‘pre-historic’ culture the human race begins a journey towards an unknown horizon.

This journey’s path leads to the Advent of an incarnation in Bethlehem, through the dusty roads of Roman Judea where death from crucifixion opens a tomb and ultimately to the parousia and revelation of Jesus Christ as the universal Lord of history.

Advent is the road for those with a journey to make, where we look back with contrition and forward with hope.

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