Adam & Eve and…..Pecos Bill?

One of the frequent joys of bringing Gil Bailie’s recorded presentations from analog cassette tape into the digital world involves finding a reference to long forgotten experiences such as the following:

Below is a link to the YouTube video of the Pecos Bill story Gil mentioned. This video includes a short lead-in about the the Rabbit Ears Entertainment company. The Pecos Bill episode begins at 2:00 minutes – and will be interrupted occasionally with ads. Enjoy!

Amid all of the critical re-evaluations of all things American so prominently on display in current repudiations of US history no doubt this particular story would not pass muster by our ever vigilant overseers. The brutal treatment of animals and racist tone of the voicing will likely bring down the cancel curtain at some point. However, if one were to suspend such judgements long enough to take in the voice(s) of Robin Williams, the music of Ry Cooder, and the drawings of Tim Raglin as they weave this version of the uniquely American Pecos Bill tale it might be possible to hear and experience a bit of that underlying story that made America what many of us feel to be a great country.

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