A Theater of Envy – René Girard & The Bard of Avon: an Albertus Magnus Institute podcast

It is always encouraging to find others who are working to make the work of René Girard better known. Of course, sometimes the initial excitement is dimmed by finding the approach to and interpretation of mimetic theory reflects the common secular allergic response to Girard’s privileging of the Christian Gospel and the Hebrew scriptures as vectors of revelation. In this case, thankfully, we find a refreshingly open ended dialogue between the Albertus Magnus Institute’s executive director, John Johnson, and Dr. Patrick Downey. Both teach at St. Mary’s College in California. Professor Downey is currently leading a course on René Girard’s 1991 book, A Theater of Envy through the Albertus Magnus Institute. Perhaps the quality of the discourse is due to the three beers consumed in the course of their discussion, but in any case, I recommend this hour of exploration into one of Girard’s most accessible books to visitors to the Cornerstone Forum’s website. Enjoy!

Three Beers: René Girard’s A Theater of Envy

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