Update: Website Streaming Media & Podcasts Not Working…sigh

We were informed today of the death of Brian Carpenter, the owner/manager of the small webhosting company from which our website and podcasts are made available. This explains the lapse in tech support we experienced with our recent streaming media problems. Brian had always been our ‘go to’ tech support guy when problems arose, and was unfailingly prompt and helpful. I already miss him.

Six years ago we were seeking an alternative to the corporate webhosting company we had been using for some time. We had discovered that they were soliciting pornographers as clients. It is well known that porn is one of the most lucrative and active parts of the internet, so being on the look out for corporate profits, it is understandable that this is an area they would want to exploit. Gil and I, however, felt that this company was not one we or our donors would want to be supporting.

I found Brian’s company stated up front on their website that they would not host any ‘adult content’ on their servers. When I spoke to him about this in our first conversation he asked why this was important to us. I explained the nature of our apostolate and he replied that as Christians we should try to reflect our beliefs and values in our business dealings just as we do in all other areas of life. He said he was a Sunday School teacher himself. We have been pleased to be his clients for these past six years.

What happens next is unclear at present. There has been some suggestion that the company will be sold to another webhosting service. In any event, we will attempt to find a similar hosting service that we are proud to be part of (if possible). It may be another week before our streaming media and podcasts are back in operation. Thank you for your understanding and patience. And please say a prayer for the repose of the soul of Brian Carpenter.

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