Reflections on a Girard Christmas Card

In past years in celebration of Christmas we have posted a short excerpt from the Hoover Institutions Uncommon Knowledge series of an interview by Peter Robinson with René Girard recorded in 2009.

Viewing it again, I find the combination of profound intellect with humility one of the most compelling aspects of the man. My experience tells me this is not common among scholars. In our current fractured world I miss his graceful presence and wisdom even as I pray for the repose of his soul.

As we approach the Feast of the Nativity (and remembering the anniversary of the birth of René Noël Théophile Girard on December 25, 1923) it is good to again be reminded that:

  • history contains both human and divine threads, it is religious
  • our destiny and duty is to look for the truth – which must be discovered/uncovered
  • human life is essentially drama and each of us must take our part in the struggle for the good and right

Finally, when Peter Robinson asks René to give a summary of his insights for those unfamiliar with his work he protests that it is unimportant – emphasizing again the fundamental religious understanding of history and each person’s essential part in it.

It is clear that René Girard was faithful to the work he was called. Both Gil Bailie and I strive to emulate that faithfulness in our work and lives. We are grateful to all those who have made our work possible by their prayers and material support, and wish a blessed Christmas to all.

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