Imagine…a virus stalking through the modern State

On a virus of a different sort, no less mortally lethal and considerably more morally so:

About the fate of post-Christian Western cultures G. K. Chesterton cannot be thought overly optimistic. But in one small way – having to do with the resilience of Catholic Ireland – he was. In a book published in 1935 – 2 years after Hitler came to power – Chesterton wrote:

“Suppose something of the type of Compulsory Sterilization or Compulsory Contraception really stalks through the modern State, leading the march of human progress through abortion to infanticide. If the heathens of North Germany received it, they would accept it with howls of barbaric joy, as one of the sacred commands of the Race Religion; the proceedings very probably terminating (by that time) with a little human sacrifice. If the English received it, they would accept it as law-abiding citizens; that is, as something between well-trained servants and bewildered children. There is a great difference; but not so great as the certainty that the Irish would not accept it at all.”

G. K. Chesteron
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