Thanksgiving…and a note from St. Hilary

There is so much for which we are grateful today: our families, our friends, our faith, and for all those who have inspired us and encouraged our efforts. We thank God for such blessings and we thank you for your friendship and your many kindnesses.


The Ordination of Saint Hilary






“In an age when the Church was persecuted from within, as was the case with the Arian crisis in the fourth century, St. Hilary – the Athanasius of the West – made the following encouraging statement: ‘In this consists the particular nature of the Church, that she triumphs when she is defeated, that she is better understood when she is attacked, that she rises up, when her unfaithful members desert her’ (De Trin. 7,4)”

– Archbishop Athanasius Schneider, Christus Vincit

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