The Right Side of History

Those who prattle on about being on the right side of history are the Pied Pipers who are leading us into a post-historical and post-cultural wilderness — as the great historian Christopher Dawson saw so clearly in 1938 (just before the world of the last century went dark for the second time):

“None knows where Europe is going and there is no law of history by which we can predict the future. Nor is the future in our own hands, for the world is ruled by powers that it does not know, and the men who appear to be the makers of history are in reality its creatures. But the portion of the Church is not like these. She has been the guest and the exile, the mistress and the martyr, of nations and civilizations and has survived them all. And in every age and among every people it is her mission to carry on the work of divine restoration and regeneration, which is the true end of history.”


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