Archeologists in Peru have discovered 227 bodies of children sacrificed by the pre-Columbian Chimu culture to appease the gods of wet weather – the El Niño. “Wherever you dig, there’s another one,” the chief archeologist Feren Castillo said.

We would never sacrifice children because of changes in the weather. Admittedly some of those most alarmed about “climate change” choose not to have children. That’s foolish and sad, but it’s not savage.

On the other hand, what will future historians have to say about a culture that kills between 2000 and 3000 children EACH DAY in THIS COUNTRY ALONE? These historians will know what everyone who watches the first few minutes of Unplanned discovers: the unspeakable truth about the abortion industry, all to appease the gods of sexual license and convenience.

In historical retrospect, the movie Unplanned may be seen as having done for the central moral and civil rights issue of our age what Uncle Tom’s Cabin did in exposing the horrors of slavery in the mid-nineteenth century and what Martin Luther King, Jr’s Letter from Birmingham Jail did for the Civil Rights movement in the 1960s.

Despite all the political realignment over the last 50 years, it may not be entirely coincidental that each of these three instances of exploitation of the powerless by the powerful was staunchly defended by the Democratic party.

Unplanned is not easy to watch, but that’s the point: almost a million babies a year brutally killed by medical professionals. God help us. This movie just might be the moment when the comforting euphemisms fall away and we recognize what we have allowed to happen. The first five minutes of the film will change even the fiercest champion of abortion, which is why the abortion lobby and its powerful friends are doing everything they can to keep people from seeing it.

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