Without me, you can do nothing

Pantocrator by Br. Terence

Christian anthropology – based on the revelation of Christ and the philosophical insights which that revelation awakened – insists that grace perfects nature. What isn’t apparent until the grace-nature connection is widely abandoned is that not only does grace perfect nature, but grace rescues nature from the gnostic and antinomian corruptions to which it otherwise falls prey – as the developments of the last few decades have shown. The nihilism (the moral nothingness) arising all around us is the anthropological confirmation of Christ’s warning: “Without me, you can do nothing.”

Every effort to rectify this situation that fails to reckon with the revelation of Christ is doomed. Paganism had its virtues, but once exposed to the biblical – and especially the Christian – revelation, every attempt to fashion a post-Christian culture will lead to disaster. We are currently in the midst of one.

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