An intimate conversation

Edith Stein – Sr. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross

The brilliant philosopher, Edith Stein, found Catholicism to be – not the alternative to her Judaism, but its fulfillment. It is conceivable that the genesis of that conversion occurred quite by accident (or was it providence) when she happened to stroll into the Frankfurt Cathedral. There she saw a woman with a shopping basket kneeling for a brief prayer. She later wrote: “This was something totally new to me. In the synagogues and Protestant churches I had visited, people simply went to the services. Here, however, I saw someone coming straight from the busy marketplace into this empty church, as if she was going to have an intimate conversation. It was something I never forgot.”

Perhaps in this time when the Church is being shaken from top to bottom, we her faithful might follow the example of the nameless and humble woman who helped bring the great philosopher to Christ without ever realizing that she had done so.

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