Some Thoughts to Ponder…

Joseph Ratzinger

Before he became Pope Benedict XVI, Joseph Ratzinger summarized something written by the French mystic and Jewish writer Simone Weil…

People recognize the good only when they themselves do it. They recognize the evil only when they do not do it.

Simone Weil

Henri de Lubac

The Church is not Catholic because she is spread abroad over the whole of the earth and can reckon on a large number of members. She was already Catholic on the morning of Pentecost, when all her members could be contained in a small room, as she was when the Arian waves seemed on the point of swamping her; she would still be Catholic if tomorrow apostasy on a vast scale deprived her of almost all the faithful. For fundamentally Catholicity has nothing to do with geography or statistics.” – Henri de Lubac

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