A Recent Review of God’s Gamble

It has been over two years since Gil Bailie’s book God’s Gamble: The Gravitational Power of Crucified Love was published by Angelico Press. In that period the book has been reviewed a number of times, most recently by Fr. Dwight Longenecker for the Imaginative Conservative website. To date all of the reviews, including those on the Amazon and GoodReads websites, have been overwhelmingly positive. This is encouraging. Yet, while we did not expect it to appear on the New York Times best seller list, it is no exaggeration to say that the book’s reach has been less than what we had hoped. Also, since the book was published Gil has been offered a number of opportunities to speak to groups that would be receptive to God’s Gamble. Such events put Gil in his natural habitat, in front of a live audience, from whom he frequently receives that magical mimetic energy that enlivens many of the presentations in our audio archives. It is likely that in the coming year there may be more chances for presentations such as these. Alas, this is both a blessing and a curse.

Our plans for 2019, God willing, include having Gil again spend time at the writing desk. The recent discovery of a cache of Gil’s poetry from the past thirty years has been a great and happy surprise. Gil would like to produce a small volume of the best of these poems. This and the continuing work on a manuscript on the ‘person’ (whose working title is The Soul is Naturally Christian: Changing the Subject from Self to Person) will require considerable time and attention to bring them to fruition. Speaking engagements will necessarily take time away from these writing chores. Meanwhile, we are doing our best to be faithful to our calling and of service to those who find our work of value. This last comment is my lead in to another Fall Appeal for your material support and prayers for the year ahead. We are grateful to all who are helping us in this effort. If you want to see it continue please follow the “Supporting Our Work” link at the upper right of this page. And thank you for your interest in the Cornerstone Forum.

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