The Work of Humility

Reflections for Labor Day:

Simone Weil

God gave me being in order that I should give it back to him. It is like one of those traps whereby the characters are tested in fairy stories and tales on ini­tiation. If I accept this gift, it is bad and fatal; its virtue becomes apparent through my refusal of it. God al­lows me to exist outside himself. It is for me to refuse this authorization.

Humility is the refusal to exist outside God. It is the queen of virtues.

The self is only the shadow which sin and error cast by stopping the light of God, and I take this shadow for a being.

Even if we could be like God, it would be better to be mud which obeys God.

To be what the pencil is for me when, blindfolded, I feel the table by means of its point-to be that for Christ. It is possible for us to be mediators between God and the part of creation which is confided to us. Our consent is necessary in order that he may perceive his own creation through us. With our consent he per­forms this marvel. If I knew how to withdraw from my own soul it would be enough to enable this table in front of me to have the incomparable good fortune of being seen by God. God can love in us only this con­sent to withdraw in order to make way for him, just as he himself, our Creator, withdrew in order that we might come into being. This double operation has no other meaning than love; it is like a father giving his child something which will enable the child to give a present on his father’s birthday. God who is no other thing but love has not created anything other than love.

Simone Weil

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