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Free complimentary downloadable MP3 audio – Part 8 of Gil Bailie’s Reflections on St. Paul’s Letter to the Romans

WE wish a glorious Easter season to all! – As a special Easter gift to those visiting us here we are offering a complimentary downloadable MP3 of the final part 8 of Gil Bailie’s Reflections on St. Paul’s Letter to the Romans. Click on the image below and download this free MP3 from our store by using the coupon code ‘spring‘.

The complete set of Gil’s Reflections on St. Paul’s Letter to the Romans is now available from our webstore in both an 8 CD album and downloadable MP3 versions.

Now Available on Amazon and Audible – Gil Bailie’s Reflections on Shakespeare’s Troilus & Cressida

We have recently completed the process of becoming an official Amazon seller and will now be making Gil Bailie’s materials from the audio archives available on Amazon’s marketplace in the US and Canada. Our first test product, now available on Amazon as both a 5 CD album and on Audible as an audiobook, is Reflections on Shakespeare’s Troilus & Cressida. This will also be available soon on iTunes. The content of these commercially available products is the same as that offered on the Cornerstone Forum webstore although the formatting will differ somewhat as short introductions have been added. Pricing will remain the same for the CF store and Amazon (with shipping costs varying with Amazon items). And CD sets purchased on Amazon will still be produced and shipped by us for the time being. We hope the exposure to the vast Amazon market will enable more people to easily find and access Gil’s work.

Also, we encourage those who have listened to the Troilus & Cressida series to write a review on the product’s Amazon and Audible page. Those unfamiliar with Gil Bailie and his work and who may be considering purchasing audio materials will be helped by reading reviews.

In the coming months, we will be including more items from Gil Bailie’s audio archives on Amazon and Audible.

Some new items we have recently made available on our Streaming Media page include:

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