Memorial Day

For the past eleven years just prior to the Memorial day weekend, Saint Vincent High School in Petaluma, California has set aside one day to remember one of its graduates who died August 25, 2005, while serving with the US Army Rangers in Iraq. They call this Tim Shea Day.

Timothy Magnus Shea is the son of William and Mary Shea. William Shea has been a close friend of Gil Bailie and the Cornerstone Forum for over 40 years, serving as a trusted advisor and board member. Until recently I worked for William Shea as his legal secretary and witnessed the undercurrents of grief and sorrow mixing with the love, hope, and faith that have sustained him and his family.

I only met Tim once that I recall but have heard many stories retold by his family and friends of his exploits as a youth, adolescent, and young man. ‘Full of life’ is a phrase that comes to mind when I think of Tim. He and his family remain in my prayers this day along with all those whose names I’ll never know whose lives on earth were swallowed in war. God have mercy.

Randy Coleman-Riese



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