Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar

After having spent the past two and a half years editing and transferring Gil Bailie’s cassette recordings of Reflections on Dante’s Divine Comedy to the world of digital audio, I am now ready to take on the next transition task. The backlog of material is substantial but what came to mind during this US presidential election’s political season was Gil Bailie’s reflections on Shakespeare’s play Julius Caesar. Below are a couple of short excerpts from the first part of this series which I think may pique your interest:

During the period prior to making these presentations Gil had been participating in the episodic seminars held Friday afternoons on the Stanford campus with René Girard and his students. Professor Girard had been preparing a compilation of articles on the bard’s work that was published in 1991 as A Theatre of Envy: William Shakespeare (Odeon). Five of the 38 chapters in his book deal with Julius Caesar. And for those familiar with Shakespeare’s plays it offers a wealth of practical insights into both Shakespeare and Girard’s mimetic theory.

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