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May 2009 ERI CD - Easter in the 'Meantime'

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MAY:   Easter in the “Meantime” – “Do this in remembrance of me”

If modernity undermined our sacramental sensibilities, postmodernity is eroding our anthropological sensibilities. Without sacramental sensibilities we lose a sense of grace, and without Anthropological sensibilities we lose a sense of nature – human nature. In this session of the E.R.I. we will reflect on the need to recognize and bear witness to the relationship between nature and grace. Since the Eucharist is where the Christian both participates in this mystery and is nourished for the work of witnessing to it, we will end with a Eucharistic reflection.

 NOTE: this is an Enhanced CD containing both audio and data files. The audio portion may to be played on any commercial CD player or computer CD drive. The data files, images of paintings by Raphael referenced in Gil's talk, may be viewed on a computer display by selecting to open the data folder and files after inserting the CD into a computer's CD drive. These images may also be viewed on our website by following this link:



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May 2009 ERI MP3 - Easter in the 'Meantime'
Gil Bailie's presentation at St. Patrick's Seminary & Universtiy, Menlo Park, CA, May 26, 2009
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