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Gil Bailie and the Cornerstone Forum are one of the brightest lights on today's Christian intellectual scene. His commentary on and translation of sound theology as represented by such heavies as Hans Urs von Balthasar, René Girard, Henri de Lubac into insights about todays cultural crisis are brilliant. Read him – or better still listen to him – and he will help you form a truly Christian mind.

Paul Vitz

Prof. of Psychology, Institute for the Psychological Sciences

Emeritus, New York University

I spent some pleasant hours last year listening to Mr. Gil Bailie.  His deep love of the Church shines through. His stunning insights shine through. His easy, affable manner, and his quick wit shine through.

I have no hesitation about recommending Mr. Bailie and his Comerstone Forum. You will see that he is keeping the faith and breaking ground. His is a stimulating intellectual vision.

Sincerely yours,

Most Reverend Ronald M. Gilmore
Bishop of Dodge City, KS

The Cornerstone Forum is surely to be ranked amongst the most exciting and creative initiatives in the Church today. Under Gil Bailie's inspiring leadership, and ably supported by good organisation, the Forum is indeed doing ground-breaking work, in its ability to challenge Western culture and to open it to the ever-new Gospel of Christ.

The various programs on offer provide rich opportunities for Christian believers to develop the imagination, sympathy and insight needed to be agents of renewal in today's world. Theologically Catholic, spiritually inspired, pedagogically skilled, the Cornerstone Forum deserves our every support. Long may it flourish!

Professor Anthony J. Kelly, CSsR
Institute of Theology, Philosophy and Religious Education
Australian Catholic University
Member of the International Theological Commission

Gil Bailie offers profound insights into Sacred Scripture that a living faith in Jesus Christ becomes intriguing and challenging. Gil helps us to realize that such a "lived faith" is truly salvific. He is Catholic to the core of his being and teaches us that to be likewise is possible and necessary for our souls and for our culture.


The anthropological truths revealed in Scripture as taught by Gil will set us free to see the heroic possibilities for our lives and the goodness our culture can attain. From knowing and listening to Gil Bailie, I can say unequivocally my spiritual life has grown and flourished in ways that I could not have imagined.  His is a masterful exposition of Scripture and Catholic Tradition, enriched by wonderful quotes from wisdom teachers the world over, past and present.  No encounter with Gils' teaching will leave you with anything less than a lesson in Truth, Goodness, and Beauty.


The Emmaus Road Initiative series are, I believe, exactly what Pope John Paul II had in mind when he called for a re-evangelization of Catholics and Christians to bring about a deeper understanding of the Biblical Tradition and a transformation of lives and cultures throughout the world.


Rev. Robert W. Cook


Wyoming Catholic College

From an  Emmaus Road Initiative series session:

I get pretty inspired by your talks.  Lots of ideas, lots of orthodoxy. I find it a much needed antidote to the neo-paganism of our day.  There's a lot of rebuilding and restoration to be done.  Although we're called to be people of hope, I'm often not very hopeful these days.  You lectures rekindle the hopefulness.

Cambridge, MA

From a Reflections on Faith & Culture blog reader:

Hi. I just wanted to write and thank you for your thoughtful posts. If not for you I would not have known about Philip Rieff and that’s just one example.  I am a recent convert to the Church (4 years ago) and I’m trying to make up for lost time in a way. The richness of the faith is like the jar of oil that never runs dry. There is so much to celebrate and embrace that it is truly inexhaustible. A friend recommended your book on Rene Girard along with writings by Von Balthasar, Guardini, etc when I first entered the Church. Since then it has been a joyful journey of  learning and discovery as my faith deepens.


So all that being said, I just wanted to say thanks. Please know that I am praying for you and Cornerstone Forum




Ron Wall

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