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The Emmaus Road Initiative

a project of the Cornerstone Forum

Beginning in 2005 Gil Bailie traveled around the country giving a series of monthly presentations and follow-up discussions for religious educators, pastors, parents, and all those committed to fostering faith and bringing it to maturity. This annual series of monthly talks (from September to May) was called the Emmaus Road Initiative.

Pope Benedict XVI has observed that today “theology and anthropology converge as two strains in a conversation.” In an effort to encourage that conversation and make it more fruitful, the Cornerstone Forum brings together René Girard’s anthropological insights into the uniqueness and universality of Christianity and the rich theological orthodoxy which Benedict XVI both espouses and exemplifies.

The result is an account of Christianity that is explicitly Christological, thoroughly traditional, and refreshingly original – something capable of rekindling the faith of Christians and reminding others of the cultural indispensability of Western civilization’s religious patrimony.

CD Recordings and downloadable MP3 audio files of these presentations are available on our web store. We also have some of them available via streaming audio players on our website.

While the traveling road show of the Emmaus Road Initiative has ended we are pursuing new initiatives in broadcasting (radio and television) and internet based media channels - including Gil's weblog "Reflections on Faith & Culture" - to bring our work to the world.

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The Emmaus Road Initiative presentations were given by Gil Bailie, an author, lecturer, and the founder and president of The Cornerstone Forum.

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