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Emphasizing the anthropological uniqueness of the Judeo-Christian tradition and the unparalleled historical significance of the Christian Gospel, The Cornerstone Forum is a non-profit organization working to foster an intellectually compelling and theologically orthodox Christian response to the contemporary cultural and spiritual crisis.

Gil Bailie, The Cornerstone Forum’s president, leads workshops, retreats and parish missions around the country and abroad, while working with the staff and friends of the Forum to foster a better understanding of the unique challenge facing the Christian vocation in our time.

We hope our efforts to call attention to the historical value of Christian faith and the anthropological riches of Christian thought will be useful to others. We would like to hear from you, and we encourage you to sign up for our occasional newsletters.

The work of the Forum depends on the generosity of those who share our concerns. We welcome your help and are eager to know how our efforts might enhance your own. If you want to learn more about our modest operation please take a look at our latest annual appeal video along with a 'behind the scenes' tour of our offices HERE.


Randy Coleman-Riese, Executive Director

PO Box 269
Sonoma, CA 95476

Tel (707) 996-4704
Fax (707) 996-7034

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