Emmaus Road Initiative – Part 8

Easter in the Meantime

“Do this in remembrance of me.”
As Enlightenment modernity has been gradually but relentlessly dissolving the sacramental sensibilities that are so indispensable to authentic Christian existence, post-Enlightenment postmodernity has been forfeiting the anthropological sensibilities which are enshrined in the formal sacraments and without which civilization will inevitably collapse. Without sacramental sensibilities we lose a sense of grace, and without Anthropological sensibilities we lose a sense of nature – human nature. Whatever particular tasks Christians may be called to undertake, their perennial task is to recognize and bear witness to the relationship between nature and grace – and between this world and the next. The Eucharist is where the Christian both participates in this mystery and is nourished for the work of witnessing to it.

(the images below are referenced in Gil Bailie’s talk)


Eucharist_RafaelThe Eucharist by Rafael

School of Athens_RafaelThe School of Athens by Rafael