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Welcome to the Cornerstone Forum’s main website.

According to then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, now Pope emeritus Benedict XVI, the coincidence of theology and anthropology constitutes "the truly most exciting part of Christian faith." 

The Cornerstone Forum is a product of that excitement and an effort to communicate it to others.

Gil Bailie, the Forum's founder and president, is currently writing and researching a book-length manuscript, excerpted drafts of which he is sharing with Forum donors (the Scriptorium Project). During this period the primary way we will be staying in touch with our friends is through our frequently updated Facebook page and our posts on our weblog: Reflections on Faith and Culture


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On this site you will find  links to free downloadable audio files, streaming audio and video players as well as audio materials in CD and MP3 format for purchase from our store. You will also find links to other items such as recommended books and a sign-up page for our occasional email newsletters. Subscribers receive discount coupons redeemable for items in our store.

Recent Items from Gil Bailie

Presentations from the 12th Annual Fall Conference of Notre Dame's Center for Ethics & Culture
Recorded November 2011

Gil Bailie

Fr. Michael Sweeney, OP

Ron Austin

Today's Specials

Reflections on Dante's Divine Comedy - The Inferno Part 10 MP3
Price: $4.00
Reflections on Dante's Divine Comedy - The Inferno Part 10 MP3
Part 10 of Gil Bailie's Reflections on Dante's Divine Comedy - The Inferno. Cantos 20 - 25
The Self and its Sources 8 CD Series
Price: $40.00
The Self and its Sources 8 CD Series
An 8 CD album of Gil Bailie's 1994 series exploring Virginia Woolf's novel "The Waves".
Poetry of Truth - Gospel of Luke 13 CD Album
Price: $60.00
Poetry of Truth - Gospel of Luke 13 CD Album
All 13 CDs in the Poetry of Truth - Gospel of Luke series encased in a vinyl binder.
THE CORNERSTONE FORUM is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit institute concerned with today’s spiritual and moral crisis and dedicated to fostering a better understanding of the challenges that confront the Christian vocation in our time. The Forum's founder and president is Gil Bailie – a Catholic layman, author and lecturer. In collaboration with the Forum's executive director, Randy Coleman-Riese , Mr. Bailie gives workshops, lectures and retreats, drawing on the anthropological work of René Girard, and the theology of Benedict XVI, Hans Urs von Balthasar, Henri de Lubac, John Paul II, and others.
“By assimilating these extraordinary contributions to Christian self-understanding, the 21st century Church can awaken to its unparalleled historical responsibilities, re-evangelize the Christian faithful, and remind a besieged Western culture of the indispensability of its religious patrimony.”     - Gil Bailie
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